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About Us

Welcome from the Headteacher

Welcome to Dorking Nursery School, we are the only maintained nursery school in Dorking.  We offer quality early years education for children aged 2 to 5 years old. Consistently rated ╩╗Outstanding╩╝, we have been at the heart of the Dorking community since 1939. 

We embrace every child's individual needs and our diversity makes us unique.  All our children benefit from exceptional, qualified and trained early years teachers and experienced early years staff.  

Our focus on education and learning creates an environment where every child and family can achieve their potential.  We help every child to flourish and blossom giving them the very best start in life.

Dorking is fortunate to have one of Surrey's four maintained nursery schools in the heart of the town. As a early education provider, it differs from the rest of the sector as it is legally constituted as a school, benefitting from a Headteacher who is a qualified teacher and early years specialist, a governing body, delegated budget and other members of staff who are qualified teachers and early years practitioners.  

We have existed in Dorking since 1939, opening to support families who were evauated from London during World War Two, providing a sense of normality and place of safety for the children. 

Read our November 2021 inspection findings to find out more or explore our website.  Alternatively, we welcome visitors, please contact us to arrange a visit.

In September 2018, we entered into a new and exciting partnership with Chertsey Nursery School , providing leadership and governance support.  To find out more about how we work with Chertsey, click here.  

Donna Harwood-Duffy

Executive Headteacher


Dorking Nursery School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people, families and carers, and expects all parents, carers, staff and users to share this commitment.