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British Values

The teaching of British Values is an integral part of our ethos and values at Dorking Nursery School where all members of our community are respected, valued and given space to express themselves.   

There are 4 key threads that we promote to ensure the children have a vareity of experiences and opportunities which will prepare them for future life in Modern Britain, these are:-

  • Democracy - children having views, valuing each other, talking about feelings, turn taking, sharing, working together and developing enquiring minds
  • Rule of law - managing feelings and behaviour, consequences, learning right from wrong, rules
  • Individual liberty - developing confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, taking risks, talk about differences 
  • Mutual respect and tolerance - learning about how you want to be treated, similarities/differences (families, faiths, community, culture). 

To download our British Values flier, click here