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2-Day Makaton Beginners' Workshop - Day 1

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 9:00am to 3:30pm

Applicable to: 
Early Years Practitioners
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professionals £150, families £130 - includes cost of manual
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About this event

Designed for those who have no prior knowledge of Makaton, or for those who have not yet attended a formal Makaton workshop, this course is for Workers, Practitioners, LSA's, TAs, Nursery workers and Carers who need to use Makaton at home or in their work.  It is an essential part of entry criteria for the Makaton Follow-up Workshop, therefore the certificate of attendance achieved on completion of the Beginners workshop gives access to further courses. 

This Beginners’ Workshop is an introduction to the Makaton Language Programme, where you will learn up to 250 signs from stages 1-4, and additional vocabulary. The workshop is both informative, great fun and essentially practical where learning takes place in small groups, pairs and as a whole group.  There will be information sessions using media and discussion.  The manuals contain a wealth of information about Makaton, including the signs and symbols that you will learn on the workshop.

The workshop is divided into four practical modules covering:

• What is Makaton
• Makaton's place in the signing world
• Advantages of using symbols with signs
• Using Makaton in your setting

On completion of this workshop you should:

1. Know about the history & design of the Core & Resource Vocabulary.
2. Be confident to use signs & symbols from stages 1 – 4 & Additional Vocabulary, in everyday communication.
3. Understand the importance of using Signing Techniques & Skills.
4. Understand how signs are derived & understand symbols’ design themes.
5. Understand how to start introducing Makaton symbols and signs in a practical way at home or work.

Day 2 on Wed 23 October.

Trainer(s): Tracy King

The workshop is delivered by Tracy King, a highly experienced and passionate Makaton Regional Tutor. Tracy has extensive experience of applying Makaton in a wide range of settings as well as a passion for helping others to build up and apply their skills. You will leave the workshop feeling inspired and confident.