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Feedback: Nursery

Extremely happy my daughter is at this nursery. Staff are very enthusiastic!

The evening was very informative and had lots of ideas how I can help at home.

We were very worried about our son before starting DNS regarding his future. We are much more confident and hopeful now. Thanks to the team for all the help to support throughout.

As a parent with an autistic child I was very nervous sending him to nursery, but DNS made me feel welcome and comforted that my boy would be happy and develop into the best boy ever. He has made so much progress we are overwhelmed with the support and love he has been given. He has had the best first year with so much appreciation to the team to help my boy flourish and blossom into who he really is. Thank you so very much!

Just want to say a huge thank you to all staff at Dorking Nursery. He is making progress in my opinion and look forward to go to school each morning.

My daughter always come home with a beaming smile on her face. I am very happy with all the support she is receiving and I can see her progressing every day

We feel our daughter has settled in well as the nursery and we have seen big changes in her, and we, and she look forward to the rest of the time she has at the nursery.

We think that the teachers and staff are fantastic and feel that our son has got a great start at the nursery and in life generally. The nursery has a happy, light quality that is also extremely well considered.

My daughter has absolutely loved the 2-3s. She asks every morning if its time to go to the nursery, even if its not one of the days she attends and sometime at the weekends!

We have seen very pleased with the nursery - many thanks to the very hard-working staff who model great ways of working with the children.

My son loved Dorking Nursery School and it has made an incredible difference to his learning, development and confidence. He’s been so happy here and not once he has not wanted to come. Thank you all.

Our experience has been very positive and our child has been very happy and has thrived at Dorking Nursery School. Many thanks to all the staff who have been fantastic and always supportive!

All the nursery teachers and staff at Dorking Nursery School have been amazing! Always helpful and so caring.

I have been so lucky to have had all four of my children through Dorking Nursery School. There have been changes over those 11 years, but only for the best of the children. All my children are different characters and all have been looked after with such individual attention and detail, it has been amazing! Thank you all!

Just to say thank you for all the staff's hard work and all the support you have given our son over the two years he has been at Dorking Nursery School.

We strongly believe that he has been given a wonderful, enjoyable, caring start to his school life and are confident this will reflect on his progression into his next school. Thank you all very much for all the kindness you have shown my son.

Without any hesitation. Dorking Nursery School has given him the best possible foundation before starting school in September.

2-3s is wonderful, very caring and nurturing. 3-5s – fab for getting the children ready for school, independence, confidence and busy environment.

It’s the best nursery I have ever come across in helping all children in any way they can.