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Pre-school centre for speech, language & communication needs (PSLCN)

Dorking Nursery School and Family Centre


This PSLCN is for four children aged 3-5 years with a range of significant speech and language impairments. These children are generally age appropriate in all other areas of development. They are fully included in the main nursery and need to be able to play independently without adult support in the setting. Working with the children we have a full-time nursery nurse/EYPS and a speech and language therapist who works with the children for one session per week. The children have full access to all the mainstream nursery activities both indoors and outside and we develop the children’s language through a whole variety of ways including:

  • small group language activities
  • daily individual and group speech and language therapy
  • use a range of strategies including cued articulation, colourful semantics, communication boards, Auditory bombardment, etc
  • visits to the local town and surrounding area to give meaning to the language learning
  • playing in the mainstream classroom and garden

Children in our PSLCN currently attend from 8.45am - 1.45pm.

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