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A typical day at Nursery

Dorking Nursery School and Family Centre

Although no two days are the same at nursery, here is an example of what might happen in 3-5s...


8.45am – 9.15am The children arrive and go with their parents/ carers to register – then they are able to play indoors or out in our garden.


8.45am – 10.50am The children can choose from a wide selection of activities both indoors and outside in the garden, and this includes an adult led activity that we have planned based around the children’s interests and learning needs (you will find out about this by reading the white board in the library area).


10.50am – 11.00am The children help to tidy up.


11.00am – 11.35am The children go to group time where they share a plate of fruit and then take part in a range of activities such as listening to a story, music, movement and drama.


11.40am Afternoon children who are staying to lunch arrive, register, wash hands and go to lunch room. Morning children who are going home get their belongings together and go to Pam’s room to leave at 11.45am.


11.40am – 12.30pm Lunch time for part time children in 2-3s, 3-5s and 30 hour children


12.30pm Morning children who have stayed to lunch leave and afternoon children arrive (12.30pm – 12.45pm) and once registered can choose from activities inside and out, including the adult focused activity.


12.30 – 1.10pm  Priorty place children have lunch and then return to the nursery to play indoors or outside.


2.45pm  Priority place children go home.


2.40pm – 2.50pm Children help to tidy up.


2.50pm  - 3.25pm Afternoon children, 30 hour and extended day children go to their group times (as at 11.00am).


3.30pm Afternoon, 30 hour and any extended day children go home.